Our Story

Our grandmother, Maruthi Jakka, passed away on October 2016 in Tarakaturu, India.

When her husband passed away at a young age, she raised and settled 6 kids by herself and maintained the household and farmland while giving back to the community. Fondly known as “chocolate” mama, our ammamma distributed sweets to the village kids and aided others in need specifically women.

Though her soft caress and gongarapachidi will be forever missed, the moral foundation she built – the importance of selflessness, sincerity, and giving back to the community – continues through our lives. She will forever be cherished in our hearts. In The Maruthi Foundation, we strive to continue her legacy of giving back to these same communities.

To us, service is more than checking a box or hasty, short-term efforts characterized by ignorance, misunderstanding, and dehumanization. To us, service is about the people. We practice community engagement, working side by side with residents to address relevant problems with long-term solutions. 

Our mission is to create, support, and implement clean water, clean power, and innovative educational initiatives to ultimately empower rural communities from the ground up.