Dining Hall

Dining Hall Exterior

Need: Although ZP High School Tarakaturu has been offering mid day meals to students since 2003 through the Government Mid Day Meal Scheme, there have been no sitting arrangements for students. Students have resorted to eating in dirt grounds surrounding the school premise. The lack of a dining hall compromises the health and wellbeing of students and hinders their learning experience.

Customized Solution: A safe, clean, and comfortable dining hall for students to consume their meals. The dining hall will be a permanent pucca construction to withstand weather conditions. A well designed dining hall will not only improve the overall hygiene standards but also foster a positive community and educational atmosphere for students. 

Enrollment: 200 students (The dining hall has a capacity to seat 100 students)

Project Status: Construction Completed

Fundraising Goal: $5000 (4 lakh rupees)

Gold Sponsor: Narasimha Rao Bandaru of Sri Siddharth Infratech

Sustainability Plan: The state of dining hall will be monitored by our partners at ZP High School, including Kiran Master and the school chairman. Regular updates on the facility will be sent to the TMF board. One year post-construction we will re-evaluate plans to extend the dining hall.